HOSTS: Malkovich Minute

The door of the shack bursts inward as a Gunman crashes in. For a moment he is silhouetted against the blinding morning light, his two six-guns blasting even before the door has bounced shut behind him, returning the hut to darkness.

Emmett’s holster, the gun gone.

The gun is here in Emmett’s hand, erupting now with three quick explosions. The intruder flies against the far wall of
the hut and lands on the floor dead. From outside, two bullets pierce the plank wall behind Emmett, light streaming through in .45 caliber shafts.

Emmett is out of the bunk and on the floor. He fires once over the bunk. In the moment of quiet that follows, we hear
running FOOTSTEPS outside the hut. Emmett follows their progress with the point of his gun, but holds his fire.
Suddenly a shotgun blasts a large hole in the roof of the shack, and the table disintegrates in a new column of light.

Emmett glances upward, but quickly returns his attention to the side walls, trying to follow that gunman. Now more fire comes from there and more footsteps. Another shotgun blast showers Emmett with debris, but he ignores it, concentrating on the walls.

WHAT HE SEES. The Man Outside moves quickly past a crack in the wall, momentarily revealing his spot by blocking the light. Emmett fires once ahead of him, stopping his progress and forcing him back to the crack. Emmett fires his last shot there, and the man outside goes down hard.

The shotgun rips another jagged hole in the ceiling and blows a crater in the dirt by Emmett’s foot. The shape of a man
flashes across the new hole. Emmett looks across the room at the top bunk, where the barrel of his Winchester protrudes a few inches from the bare planks. Emmett throws his empty six-gun noisily into the far corner of the hut. Instantly the man on the roof blasts away in that direction.

Emmett dives for the bunk. With the tips of his fingers, he pulls hard on the muzzle. The Winchester flips full circle
into the air as the bunk behind it is shredded from above.

With an odd kind of inevitability, as though seeking its rightful place, the Winchester arcs into a shaft of light, where it is met by Emmett’s steady, waiting hands. Before it has even settled, he has cocked and fired twice through a hole in the roof. Emmett stops and lowers the carbine. The Man on the Roof falls spread-eagled through the weakened ceiling. Debris and sunlight shower his lifeless form.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
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