C’mon, this’ll interest you.

Cobb moves off after Kyle. Paden watches a moment thoughtfully, then follows.


Kyle is digging into a saddlebag on one of three saddled horses at the gate of the stockade. Trooper guards flank the
entrance. Cobb comes up and stares at the gate. Paden reaches the end of the sidewalk and leans against a post, watching.

The heavy gate is opened and a jailkeep steps out into the sunlight; he looks back into the gloom. TYREE comes out,
wearing civilian clothes, shackled hand and foot. He’s mean.

The jailkeep unlocks Tyree’s irons and steps back, a little too quickly. Tyree nods at Cobb and a smile slits his face.
Kyle comes up and hands Tyree his holster. Tyree buckles it on and bends to tie it to his thigh.

Look who’s here, Tyree. It’s our old riding buddy.

Tyree looks up and straightens slowly at the sight of Paden. No love lost. Cobb, standing between them, grins and then
laughs. He takes the reins of his horse from Kyle and swings up.

I invited Paden to join us, but he’s not having any.

Kyle and Tyree mount up. Tyree looks down at the long johned Paden with a sneer.

(like a knife)
Where’s the dog?

The three head out of the village, passing Paden.

(to Paden)
You owe me thirteen dollars.

Cobb spurs his horse and the three gallop away in the dust.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Brian Dennehy as Cobb
  • Jeff Fahey as Tyree
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