(finger to lips: “quiet”)
What now?

We wait.

The two men move carefully off the porch and into the street.

A wood stair goes up the outside of the jail to a door. Now, high behind Jake, Deputy Kern comes out, nightshirt flapping, cocking the carbine in his hands. He has thumped down five steps before he focuses on Jake and Paden. He starts to raise the carbine.

Both men see the deputy, but Jake’s reaction is so fast that Paden need only watch. Jake spins and, before he has stopped, both his Colts are erupting in his hands. The carbine flies out of Kern’s grasp and clatters down the steps. Jake
continues to fire — the stair at Kern’s foot splinters and he steps backwards and up. Jake continues to splinter the
steps at Kern’s feet, until he has made the deputy exactly retrace his steps and retreat back through the door. The
firing stops.

Paden gives Jake an odd look. Paden may have seen someone this fast and good before, but he can’t remember it. He puts his finger to his lips — “shhh”.

A bullet WHIZZES between the two men as we hear shots from the far end of the street. Langston is coming toward them firing. They move back to the cover of the jail porch.

ALLEY ACROSS THE STREET. Emmett roars into view, riding his horse and leading two others: Paden’s bay and the pinto.

A window above the jail breaks open and Kern starts firing at Emmett.

DOWN THE STREET. Langston, behind a wagon, uses a British two-handed grip to fire off a few rounds.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • John Cleese as Sheriff Langston
  • Kevin Costner as Jake
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