Minute 036: Today, My Jurisdiction Ends Here


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Indiana Jones Minute


The three riders break out of the arroyo and exchange looks of glee on seeing the clear flatlands ahead. SHOTS ring out. They look over their shoulders to see Langston’s Posse, practically on top of them, pouring over the lip of a rise
and firing at will.

The three men whip their horses and head flat out across the open space toward a cluster of boulders three hundred yards away. They are vulnerable and exposed as shots PING around them. They are not going to make it.

WITH THE POSSE. Deputy Block jumps from his horse onto the top of a boulder and lies prone, bracing his Winchester for an accurate shot.

(to himself)
Here’s a trick for you, kid.

He is about to fire when suddenly the rocky surface in front of his face explodes. He is so startled, he falls off the

Another Posse member is coming between two tall rocks when a bullet hits near his head and ricochets into the rock on the other side. His horse rears up, and the horse coming up behind him collides with it.

Langston and Deputy Kern have just started across the flats, but pull up next to a cactus at this new firing. An arm of
the cactus is immediately severed by a .44 slug.

Is that them shooting?

No. It’s coming from those rocks.

WHAT HE SEES. Paden, Emmett, and Jake are now halfway to the cover of the distant rocks. Another shot CRACKS, and a puff of smoke appears from ahead of them in the boulders.

Let’s go. He ain’t hitting anything.

You idiot, he’s hit everything he’s aimed at.

…But they won’t be out of our jurisdiction till they pass Flat Top!

As Paden, Emmett, and Jake disappear among the boulders, Langston rises high in his stirrups to catch a final glimpse.
His bowler is blown off his head. He lowers himself back to his saddle.

Today my jurisdiction ends here.

He turns his horse back. The others do likewise.

(over his shoulder, to Kern)
Pick up my hat.

Jake looks back at Langston, then points at the sun, now high in the sky. 


Hey, Langston – – Ten o’clock!


Emmett and Paden rein in their frothing horses in the natural bowl of rocks near a tied horse and the remains of a campfire.

Jake has stopped short of them and taken his horse back to peer out toward the Posse. Grinning, he comes back to the
others. The three riders bring their horses around and focus on a spot above them.

On the top of the highest boulder, Mal leaves a comfortable, prone shooting position and eases himself down to a lower rock. A bandolier of .44 bullets dangles from one hand. He rests his Henry rifle at an angle across one shoulder.

(to the others)
This a friend of yours?

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • John Cleese as Sheriff Langston
  • Danny Glover as Mal
  • Kevin Costner as Jake
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