Two Cowboys have roped opposite ends of a section of fence and now pull the deadly drag, already thick with ravaged
corn, through the barnyard, knocking over everything in its path.

Jake slides through the chaos toward his gunbelt, hung on a peg on the barn wall.

A Cowboy pulls the gate from the pigsty, and the pigs squeal out. Another Cowboy begins shooting them with a Henry rifle. On the roof, Carol looks in horror at the death of her prize sow.

Emmett is herding as many Settlers as he can toward the cover of the barn.

Bradley edges toward the door of his farmhouse.

Hobart is urging some women between two wagons. A Cowboy rides by and kicks him viciously.

Hoyt pulls up, looks around, then gestures to some of his men. Two Cowboys with prepared torches in their hands ride
up to the bonfire and swing low, lighting their firebrands. One moves ahead toward the farmhouse, reins his horse, and
heaves the torch high in the air toward the roof on which the two children perch.

In the air, the tumbling flame suddenly explodes at the ROAR of a shotgun. Sparks shower harmlessly to the ground.

Bradley has shot it out of the air with one barrel of his shotgun. The blast has created a momentary, shocked lull in
the attack. Bradley looks wild.

Emmett watches, fearful. His hand is on his gun.

Hoyt looks at Bradley. Bradley swings the shotgun around toward the other torch-bearer.

The Cowboy who tossed the first torch shoots Bradley dead. Carol screams.

Emmett looks across the yard at Jake, who steps out from the cowering homesteaders, a gun in each hand. Emmett draws and kills the man who shot Bradley. Now all the Settlers hit the dirt.

Jake fires from both hands repeatedly. One Cowboy dies and another takes it in the arm. The man who was shooting the pigs swings his rifle around toward Jake, and Emmett kills him with one shot.

Hoyt reacts big to the presence of deadly wolves in the midst of these sheep. He peers through the tumult, trying to see their faces. His Cowboys are shooting wildly into the crowd now, but he rides through them, signalling a retreat.

Emmett jumps from the top of a fence to the roof of the house, the Henry rifle in his hand. He scrambles to the peak of the roof, where the two children still cower. Bracing the rifle on the chimney, he takes careful aim. Once… twice… he
fires. One Cowboy dead, one wounded and fleeing. Hannah runs up to the riderless horse of a fallen Cowboy and
pulls a rifle from its scabbard. She cocks it and fires off at the retreating Cowboys. Jake mounts a horse Pony Express-
style and rides out of the barnyard.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Costner as Jake
  • Ted White as Hoyt
  • Jim Haynie as Bradley
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