Minute 075: You’d Better Start Lookin’


(to Paden)
I should have killed you a long time

Paden flips the gun in his grasp and hands it to Tyree, butt first.

Why not now?

The situation is now totally reversed, and no one can quite believe it. Tyree cocks the gun. At the poker table Slick
lifts his pant leg, revealing the handle of a custom-made dagger secreted in his boot.

Don’t do it, Tyree. I just lost a partner. If you kill him, I’ll never get anyone to work here.

Tyree considers for a moment, then holsters his gun. To Stella —

Better start looking.

He goes out. Garth and Kyle follow. Phoebe hurries away from Stella’s hard look. Slick relaxes. The piano kicks in. Paden
leans against the bar toward Stella.

You really are a gambler, aren’t you?

In This Episode

  • Jeff Fahey as Tyree
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Linda Hunt as Stella
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