AT THE CACTUS. Now we’re right behind the target plant, Emmett in the distance. When he fires, a thin needle at the top edge of the plant is blown away, the bullet leaving a shallow trough in the green skin. He fires again, and the next needle disappears. Now there are four troughs. He’s been hitting from the start.

Emmett lowers the rifle, walks back to his horse tied nearby, and leaves the rifle, then moves away from the horse again.

He stops, looking at a can in the dust fifty feet away. He shakes the fingers of his gun hand once, then very quickly:
he draws his Colt and fires. The can jumps into the air. While it is still moving, Emmett holsters the gun, releasing
it, then draws again and fires. As the can jumps once more, Emmett repeats the action. Six times he draws. The can doesn’t stop moving until after the last shot.

The horrible NOISE echoes away as Emmett holds the empty gun before him. From behind a rock ahead of him, Deputy Garth appears.

You’re empty, mister.

Emmett immediately begins to bolt toward his horse. A lasso settles around his arms and whips him viciously backwards. In a second he is back on his feet and running like a bull toward Deputy Kyle, who has stepped from the brush to throw the rope. Immediately a second lasso catches Emmett from the other side and pulls taut. A deputy on horseback, CHARLIE, has roped him. Charlie and Kyle pull their ropes, yanking Emmett onto his back.

Now appearing around a bend in the arroyo is Tyree, a nasty glint in his eye.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Sam Gauny as Garth
  • Bill McIntosh as Charlie
  • Ken Farmer as Kyle
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