AT THE BUNKHOUSE. Swann, his shoulder bandaged, comes out to join a Sentry Cowboy looking with concern at the rise. Suddenly, the Sentry Cowboy starts running toward a saddled horse nearby. Red has jumped from the fence now too and mounted up quickly. The two horsemen head off toward the rise at a gallop.

Swann looks in alarm at —

THE CREST OF THE RISE. Pouring into view with a ground-shaking RUMBLE is a huge herd of stampeding cattle.

AT THE BUNKHOUSE. Swann turns to the door of the bunkhouse and shouts inside.


ON THE RISE. Red and the Sentry Cowboy tear toward the oncoming cattle. They fire their guns repeatedly in the air,
trying to turn the herd.

AT THE CORRAL. Scruffy runs across from the casa grande and joins other Cowboys trying to saddle and mount panicked horses. Scruffy’s horse rears and breaks away from him.

ON THE RISE. Red and the Sentry Cowboy are closing with the dust-enshrouded herd, still firing their guns. Suddenly,
from the cloud, there are answering shots. The Sentry Cowboy is shot dead off his horse.

Emerging like a spirit from the dust at the edge of the herd, comes Emmett, six-gun in hand.

On the other side of the herd, Paden’s form materializes. He aims his Winchester and fires. Red’s horse rears. Red goes
down and the herd pounds over him.

AT THE BUNKHOUSE. Hoyt comes out the door, buckling on his gunbelt. He looks at the on-rushing stampede, then toward the corral where several Cowboys are swinging up on their horses. Suddenly, there is gunfire from the roof of the bunkhouse above Hoyt. One of the Cowboys in the corral goes down.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Walter Scott as Swann
  • Ted White as Hoyt
  • Pepe Serna as Scruffy
  • Ross Loney as Red
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