Slowly a peculiar twinkle grows in Emmett’s eyes.

Jake – – fell off his horse?

Emmett smiles, and hugs Augie.


AT THE BUNKHOUSE. Hoyt is hugging the side wall of the bunkhouse. He warily looks around the back corner.

WHAT HE SEES. Mal’s horse is tethered near a stack of cratesand barrels that rises almost to the roof.


Paden is in an empty stall part-way down one side of the barn. The three Cowboys have him pinned down from the front. Paden’s horse does a panicky dance in the central aisle. The horses in the other stalls are spooked.

Scruffy sneaks in the back door of the barn. He peeks around the wall of a stall at Paden’s unprotected back. When he
sees Paden stop to reload his Colt, Scruffy steps out and aims at him.

Quite unexpectedly, someone swings down from the loft above, kicking Scruffy and sending him flying into the recess of a stall. Now the figure drops into view. It’s Jake! He dives after Scruffy.

Paden, reloaded now and unaware of the struggle behind him, has to shrink back from a splintering rail. Now he hears two muffled shots from the back of the barn. He looks over there. After a beat, Jake steps into Paden’s view, grinning like a maniac and happily buckling his reacquired gunbelt. Paden does a double take. Jake gives him a big “Here I am!” gesture, then indicates he’s going up to the loft again to help out with the guys up front. But first, with real relish, he checks his pearl-handled Colts: he draws both at once, tips them up to look into the cylinders, then spins them back into their holsters. Then, with a leap, to the loft.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Kevin Costner as Jake
  • Pepe Serna as Scruffy
  • Thomas Wilson Brown as Augi
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