McKendrick has pulled up behind a barn. When Emmett comes into view, McKendrick fires twice, then spurs his horse back into town. Emmett squeezes off one carefully aimed shot, just missing McKendrick before he disappears.


McKendrick comes out of an alley and tears toward the intersection which Dusty commands from the roof of the hotel
porch. McKendrick waves his rifle at Dusty and rounds the corner of the hotel.

Now Emmett comes out of the alley in pursuit. He slows a bit since McKendrick is no longer in sight. As he moves down the block toward the hotel intersection, he looks into the loading yard of the feed warehouse, which forms a cul-de-sac on his left.

Now Dusty opens fire from the protection of the hotel sign. Bullets kick up dirt around Emmett, but instead of retreating, he slings himself Indian-fashion down along the protected side of his horse, and rides toward the sign.

Emmett aims over the mane and fires: once, twice, through the sign. Dusty rises, hit, and Emmett kills him with a third
shot. Dusty crashes through the sign to fall to the street.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Ray Baker as McKendrick
  • Bob Morgan as Dusty
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