Emmett has just straightened in his saddle and snapped open the loading gate of his empty Colt, when McKendrick opens up from where he has reappeared down the street. Emmett is hit in the thigh.

For one long second there is perfect clarity between the men. Emmett’s eyes stare from his pain-contorted countenance at his adversary. McKendrick hesitates only a breath to look at Emmett before raising the rifle and charging.

Emmett wheels his horse and painfully spurs it back down the block. As McKendrick’s fire hits around him, Emmett turns into the nearest cover — the loading yard of the feed warehouse.

McKendrick rides toward the mouth of the loading yard with all he’s got. He can’t let Emmett reload. The glint of victory is in his eyes as he draws near the loading yard.

He raises his rifle in preparation for the coming clear shot at his trapped enemy. As his horse begins to pass in front
of the loading yard, we hear a terrible RUMBLE OF HOOFBEATS on wood. McKendrick’s expression changes to horror.

Emmett has ridden onto the loading dock of the warehouse and charged toward this end. Now he jumps his horse straight out into the air over McKendrick’s horse. The hooves of Emmett’s horse catch McKendrick full force with a HORRIBLE SOUND.

Emmett’s horse lands on its feet, but just barely. From a cloud of dust Emmett watches McKendrick’s horse race on,
riderless. Its master is a still shape in the dirt.


Cobb sits on the steps at the front of his office, toying with an object in his hands.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Brian Dennehy as Cobb
  • Ray Baker as McKendrick
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