Well, god-dammit! God-dammit!

Hobart turns and looks across to the other Settler men. He yells.

They ain’t Baxter and Hawley! Where the hell are Baxter and Hawley!

All this commotion has attracted some attention and amusement from passersby.

Quit your yelling, old man. We’re right here.

Hobart looks around to find two tough-looking men on horse-back behind him — BAXTER and HAWLEY.

Who you calling an old man?

Baxter gets down from his horse and smiles, friendly for him.

Emmett and Paden watch with interest.

(offers his hand)
Calm down, Mr. Hobart. I’m Nord Baxter. That there is my partner, Tom Hawley.

Hobart takes his hand grudgingly. He’s glad they showed up.

You’re late. It’s a bad start, boys.

Yes, sir. We’ll just have to get you people to Silverado that much quicker.

Emmett and Paden have continued to watch. Now Hawley looks over at them suspiciously.

All right. Let’s get going.

You remember my letter, don’t you, Mr. Hobart? Half now and half when we get there.

(remembering, impatient)
I remember, I remember. C’mere.

Hobart, Baxter, and Hawley move to the wagon, where the two other Settlers wait. The younger of the two, CONRAD, eyes the guides suspiciously. Hobart speaks to the third man, a huge, bearded fellow called EB. Eb sits upon a strongbox in the bed of the wagon, an awesome blunderbuss in his arms.

Open the box, Eb.

Eb stands, unlatches the strongbox, and opens it, revealing an impressive cache of coins and paper money. Hobart extracts a pouch of coins and hands it to Baxter, who pockets it.

Don’t you want to count it?

Not at all, friend. We trust you. Now let’s get this train on its way
to Silverado.

Emmett and Paden watch the other five men head in the direction of the wagon train. Paden looks over at Emmett.


At the back of the big room is a registration desk for the hotel and stairs to the rooms. Emmett and Paden are eating
near a table of three Tough Men.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Brion James as Hobart
  • Troy Ward as Nord Baxter
  • Rusty Meyers as Conrad
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