Minute 041: Hanging Around with You is No Picnic


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Edge of Tomorrow Minute


The four men crawl to the lip of the canyon and get a clear view of the activity below; the box canyon has been turned
into a hideout for the Dawson Gang, a band of border raiders. There are about twenty-five outlaws moving about among the tents, caves, and wagons of the encampment. Their horses are penned in a natural alcove in the rock off the main floor of the canyon.

The strongbox from the wagon train sits on the tailgate of a wagon. Next to it is a large keg of whiskey from which the
outlaws are drawing generous portions. Baxter and Hawley have brought the loot proudly back to their cohorts, and the celebration is centered around this wagon.

On the rim the pursuers exchange looks in reaction to this new situation.

(to Emmett)
You know, hanging around with you is no picnic.

Anybody got any ideas?


Suddenly, there are cries of warning from the Sentinel at the entrance to the box canyon. HOOFBEATS echo into the canyon from that direction. The outlaws react en masse with a frightening display of armed readiness.

WHERE THE TRAIL ENTERS THE CANYON. From the shadows emerge two galloping horses: on the first is Emmett, who holds the reins of the second, across whose saddle is draped the seemingly lifeless body of Paden. The Sentinel watches them pass under the point of his carbine.

AT THE WAGON. Emmett dismounts quickly and ties both horses to a wheel. Dawson decides not to shoot this guy yet. He watches as Emmett runs back across the canyon to the cover of some crates and crouches down behind them, looking up at the rim above the entrance. The outlaws, guns pointed, stand around him.

(to Dawson)
Should I kill him, Mr. Dawson?

(approaching Emmett)
In a minute!

Emmett, still cowering, looks over his shoulder at Dawson. He speaks now, and throughout, very fast.

I wouldn’t do that.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Rusty Meyers as Conrad
  • Danny Glover as Mal
  • James Gammon as Dawson
  • Troy Ward as Nord Baxter
  • Roy McAdams as Tall Outlaw
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