Minute 058: The World is What You Make of It



Paden comes in and looks around with some pleasure. It’s an expansive place, busy now with gamblers, drinkers, and
brightly-dressed saloon girls. A piano player bangs away in the corner. Paden has to smile. This is the way a saloon
ought to be. Now, even Paden is home.

Paden walks up to stand at the bar. The BARTENDER is busy at the far end of the bar. Paden is patiently waiting to get
his attention when he hears a woman’s voice behind him, on his side of the bar.

What can I do you for, stranger?

Paden turns to face his interlocutor, but at first cannot find her. After a moment, though, he looks down to see a
small woman in a velvet dress — STELLA.

You work here?

I run the place. What can I get you?

She is already moving away toward the near end of the bar. He watches her disappear around the end, then sees the top of her head appear behind the bar down there. As she moves back toward him, she gets taller and taller, until she is facing him eye to eye across the bar.


As she reaches under the bar and produces bottle and glass, Paden leans over and peeks behind the bar. A foot-wide ramp runs the length of it.


The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.

In This Episode

  • Linda Hunt as Stella
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
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