Slick falls to the floor, his own boot dagger protruding from his ribcage.

Mal kneels to embrace his sister.


Emmett rides slowly down the street, his Winchester held ready on his thigh. His eyes continually scan the buildings
and alleyways. He slowly rounds a corner.

Way behind him, off his right shoulder, McKendrick has brought his horse to a stop between two buildings and is carefully aiming at Emmett’s back with his Winchester. Now he pulls the hammer back with a CLICK.

Emmett hears it and twists in the saddle as McKendrick fires. The shot is good, but Emmett’s Winchester takes the hit and jumps in his hand. He levels it at McKendrick, cocks the hammer, and squeezes the trigger. Nothing. He tries to work the lever as McKendrick fires again. Emmett’s rifle is useless. He throws it away and draws his Colt, firing twice.

Emmett’s bullets hit close to McKendrick. His horse shies. McKendrick turns his horse and rides behind a building.

SERIES OF SHOTS. Emmett chases after McKendrick along a parallel street. Each man prepares to fire as they reach the
intermittent spaces between buildings. McKendrick gets a clear shot and fires twice. Emmett rides around a building
and speeds toward McKendrick’s path. He comes into the open, ready to fire, but McKendrick is heading off down an alley.
Rather than follow, Emmett moves to cut him off.


McKendrick has pulled up behind a barn.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Jeff Goldblum as Slick
  • Ray Baker as McKendrick
  • Danny Glover as Mal
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