The four men move toward the door as Stella walks down her ramp. Emmett walks with a slight limp.


Phoebe stands on the porch talking across to Rae, much recovered, who sits on the seat of a wagon heavily loaded
with farming supplies. Rae wears a simple dress and looks quite different.

The men come out onto the porch. Emmett shakes Mal’s hand and watches him climb onto the wagon. Mal gets the wagon going, and the other wave.

Jake has slipped his arm around Phoebe’s waist. Now he turns her into his arms for a big kiss.

Emmett is watching Mal and Rae roll away when a woman’s hand touches his back. He turns to find Hannah looking up at him. Paden watches from nearby.

Weren’t you going to come out to say good-bye?

I already did that.

You know where I’ll be.


In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Rosanna Arquette as Hannah
  • Danny Glover as Mal
  • Lynn Whitfield as Rae
  • Amanda Wyss as Phoebe
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