I wouldn’t do that. You’re going to need every gun when that posse gets here.

Posse? What the hell you talking about?

My partner and me robbed the bank in Turley and headed out with a posse on our tails. My partner there caught
one a ways back, and I think he kicked off while I was looking for this damn canyon. You’re Dawson, ain’t
you? I’m Tex LaRue. (offers his hand for only a second) Used to ride with Ry Morris. You know him. Well, Andy Sims told me there was a hideout here, so I headed for it. Hope you don’t mind.

Paden, lying over the saddle, his face shielded by his hat, winces at this story.

You brought a posse to my best hideout and you want to know if I mind. Mister, I don’t know any of those names. You’re about to die.

Hold on! Hold on! If you don’t believe me, ask them…
(indicates Baxter and Hawley)
…they saw me and my pal in Turley before we did the job.

Baxter and Hawley peer at Emmett and nod to each other.

I seen ’em there, all right, but I don’t know about any bank job.

If you took the bank in Turley, where’s the money?

Emmett crouches lower, looking nervously at the rocks.

I’d get down if I were you. They may be up there now.

(just as he suspected)
No money, eh?

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • James Gammon as Dawson
  • Troy Ward as Baxter
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