We're Movies by Minutes

We're Movies by Minutes

One minute of screen time, per episode.

You may have heard other movie review podcasts, but nobody else goes to the level of detail that Movies by Minutes shows analyze, scrutinize, and celebrate your favorite films. 

With hundreds of movies examined in the MxM podcast format, you’ll find some of your best-loved films getting the Movies By Minutes focus. With host discussions, cast members, film critics, and subject experts, you’ll experience your film favorites with a depth far beyond the feature commentary of home video. 


If you’ve considered podcasting as a hobby, the Movies by Minutes format is a great place to start. Pick a movie you love, and join us at the Movies By Minutes Facebook page. We’d be happy to help get you started and give you hints on how to create a great show. Looking forward to seeing your there!



Minutes 1-5: Malkovich Malkovich Minute Minute
Minutes 6-10: Minutae Ex Machina
Minutes 11-15: Stillo & Horowitz
Minutes 16-20: Bryon Lockhart
Minutes 21-25: Minute:Impossible
Minutes 26-30: Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast
Minutes 31-35: David Smith
Minutes 36-40: Indiana Jones Minute
Minutes 41-45: Edge of Tomorrow
Minutes 46-50: Marine Corps Movie Minute
Minutes 51-55: Jay & Silent Bob Minute
Minutes 56-60: Sean & Brian German
Minutes 61-65: Bull Durham Minute


Minutes 66-70: Rocketeer / Apollo 13 Minute
Minutes 71-75: Great Escape Minute
Minutes 76-80: Alice Lauren
Minutes 81-85: Peter J. Regan
Minutes 86-90: The Real Jaws Minute
Minutes 91-95: M*A*S*H Minute
Minutes 96-100: Watchmen Minute
Minutes 101-105: 2-Minute Terminator
Minutes 106-110: Star Wars Minute
Minutes 111-115: Dean O’Carroll
Minutes 116-120: Campbell & Aumann
Minutes 121-125: Dave Pallas
Minutes 126-130: The Wilder Ride


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