McKendrick heaves the lamp into the shelves. Kerosene flames engulf the ledgers. McKendrick starts to move toward the door.

J.T. snaps. He picks up a heavy register book and hurtles it with enormous force, hitting McKendrick in the back of the
head and knocking him down. J.T. dives for McKendrick’s gun. Kate watches in terror, then sees Swann point his gun at the scrambling J.T. She grabs Swann’s arm, and his gun fires into the floor.

J.T. comes up with McKendrick’s gun and fires quickly at Swann, who has thrown off Kate. Swann, hit in the shoulder,
crashes back through a window and out onto the porch.


Jake reacts in anguish and twists in his saddle. Hoyt points a cocked gun at him.


Scruffy, back at the door now, fires twice into J.T., slamming his big body backward against the base of a counter.

Kate’s scream is muffled by her gag. Augie, eyes wide, darts to his father’s body, but rather than embrace him, he pries
the gun from J.T.’s fingers and raises it toward Scruffy. Kate sees what’s happening and leaps at Scruffy. He viciously
pistol-whips her. Her unconscious, falling body knocks the gun from Augie’s hand.

McKendrick is straightening now, his head clearing. His bandana has fallen from his face. He looks in horror at the
wounded Hollises. Augie stares at his revealed face.

Scruffy’s gun is cocked and pointed at Augie.

Stop it!

He saw us!

McKendrick hates the way it’s gone.

Bring him with us.

In This Episode

  • Ray Baker as McKendrick
  • Pepe Serna as Scruffy
  • Robert Wilson Thomas as Augie
  • Earl Hindman as J.T.
  • Patricia Gaul as Kate
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