The townspeople have formed a bucket brigade in a losing battle with the fire at the Hollis house. SHOUTS fill the
air above the ROAR of the inferno.

Stella is among the new arrivals from the saloon. She is stopped by the sight of Kate, bloody and hysterical, being
borne away. Horrified by the scene, Stella now snaps out of it and begins YELLING ORDERS to the saloon patrons to help fight the blaze.

Paden is only a few feet from the flames, at the head of the bucket line. He is in shirt sleeves, sweaty and sooty. The
heat of the fire is driving the line back.

Cobb, Tyree, and Kyle appear from the shadows. Cobb takes in the scene and spots J.T. being carried across the street. He motions Tyree over to investigate, then moves toward the fire.

Phoebe, crying, watches as J.T.’s limp body is hurried off on a stretcher, DR. SKINNER in attendance. She turns and is
face to face with Tyree, who grasps her arms. She regards him with revulsion and fear, then breaks from him and runs

In This Episode

  • Jeff Fahey as Tyree
  • Amanda Wyss as Phoebe
  • Ken Farmer as Kyle
  • Linda Hunt as Stella
  • Brian Dennehy as Cobb
  • Earl Hindman as J.T.
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