ON THE VERANDA. McKendrick comes out of the casa grande and runs to the corner of the veranda nearest the rise. He takes in the stampede, which is almost upon them now, then hears gunfire to his right. He looks back there and sees Mal on the bunkhouse roof, above Hoyt and firing from the protection of the raised rim. Now Mal swings his rifle around toward McKendrick. McKendrick jumps around the corner of the house as the wall where he was standing takes a hit.

SERIES OF SHOTS. The stampede hits the ranch. The herd splits, the mass of cattle heading between the casa grande and the bunkhouse/corral area; the rest go around behind the casa grande. They take down everything in their way. Fences fall, holding pens are destroyed, horses run free, and Cowboys scramble away from the deadly current of rampaging cattle.

NEAR THE BARN. Paden pulls up on the edge of the flow and fires repeatedly at the Cowboys scrambling for safety. Swann is among those hit.

BEHIND THE CASA GRANDE. Emmett pulls his horse out of the flow, protected by the building, then dismounts, ties the
horse, and runs up to the back door of the house. He throws away the empty, extra six-gun in his hand as he looks
carefully inside. He draws his own gun and goes in.

NEAR THE BARN. Paden is coming under increasing fire from the bunkhouse as the cattle thin. He rides into the barn at
the end of the corral.


Emmett works his way carefully down the central hall, gun ready. He looks up the main staircase, sees nothing, and
edges forward. At the top of the stairs behind him, the Watching Cowboy jumps into view. Emmett spins and ducks as
the Watching Cowboy fires. The finial splinters. Emmett’s shot follows immediately. The Watching Cowboy is hit and
tumbles the full length of the stairs, dead.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • Ray Baker as McKendrick
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