Yeah, you. Get over here!

Paden oddly stumbles toward the deputy.


Gimme your hands.

Paden awkwardly pushes his hands through the cell bars. The deputy puts handcuffs on one of Paden’s wrists, when suddenly an extra leg appears underneath Paden. Block is puzzled, when knocked out when Paden punches him with a third arm.

Jake appears over Paden’s shoulder. He’s been hiding behind Paden, and used one of his arms to fool the deputy that both the arms were Paden’s.


Did you get him?

Paden nods.


Thanks for giving me a hand!


Langston huffs to a stop next to the Stable Boy, his countenance a picture of outraged befuddlement. He, the Stable
Boy, and just one other surprised citizen are the only witnesses: the gallows is aflame, burning like a pyre.

Langston considers this phenomenon, a suspicion slowly growing in his mind.


Paden and Jake come out warily. The street is deserted. Paden straps his holster on; he’s glad to have it back at last.
Not as glad, however, as Jake, who seems to have a nearly religious relationship with his rig, an elaborately tooled,
double gun belt with two pearl-handled Colts.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • John Cleese as Sheriff Langston
  • Kevin Costner as Jake
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