Mal’s shots kick up dust inches from Emmett’s flying feet. Once Emmett throws a glance upwards; Mal’s cutting it pretty close. Baxter slides in next to Dawson, who is thinking hard.

(indicating Emmett)
Brave man.

I think there’s only a couple of guys up there and this a–hole’s one
of them.

AT THE WAGON. An outlaw is cowering beneath the wagon, but doesn’t notice as Paden reaches out and secures the latch on the money box.

AT THE HORSE PEN. Emmett throws open the make-shift gate and runs in among the horses, yelling and waving his arms. The horses begin to run out of the pen.

AT THE CRATES. Dawson jumps up and orders his men forward. A line of outlaws rushes toward the pen, all the while firing up at the rim. Paden appears at a gallop from behind, pulling Emmett’s horse beside him. A rope stretches from his saddlehorn to the strongbox bouncing along in the dirt.

Paden comes through the line of outlaws firing and heads for the pen. A few of the outlaws make the mistake of closing the gap and aiming at Paden’s back. The bouncing strongbox knocks them head over heels.

Emmett leaps from a rock onto his passing horse, firing behind him. He and Paden go down the trail in the midst of the
outlaws’ horses. The strongbox careens after them.

In This Episode

  • Scott Glenn as Emmett
  • Kevin Kline as Paden
  • James Gammon as Dawson
  • Troy Ward as Nord Baxter
  • Danny Glover as Mal
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